Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hotel Review: Mahkota Hotel, Malacca

Few weeks back I've had the opportunity to stay at Mahkota Hotel which is located in Malacca during our old school gathering (Saina batch 98 retreat).

The official website of the hotel can be found here

The hotel was a 3-4 star hotel. A descent one I would say.

We arrived at around 9.30pm. It was not that hard to find the hotel with the help of Waze of course. However, it will be quite challenging to find the hotel's main entrance. We've missed it 2 times.
Main Entrance
Lobby area
The lobby of the hotel was so-so. Can't expect much though. The receptionist wears a dull batik dress represents the perception of the hotel's management on costs. But who cares as it doesn't hurts my pockets!

We've had our dinner at the hotel itself. Luckily, our beloved friends booked it for us. Foods are quite standard, same goes to the taste. Somehow rather it didn't have the 'wow' factor. But, it was good.

Getting the room key was easy as they have already get it ready for us since we've booked it in group. We've been given Room 3216 which was located at the end of Level 2. Not a problem for my kids as they can run all the way to the room.

Now, the room was clean and tidy. It was a normal 2 single bed standard room. Plenty of space. Luckily we've brought our "Toto" together so that my kids can "guling-guling" on the floor. 
There's a balcony as well where you can view the streets in front of the hotel. We've decided to close it at most of the time for safety purposes. 
View from our room
With no working lights, I would not call it as a working table

Standard 32in TV
Toilets and amenities

What I like about the hotel is that it is really good if you are bringing your kids together. Why, because it has 2 pools which mainly are meant for kids.
Pool no. 1 Mainly for adults but there are for kids as well. Around 1m deep.
Centre of attraction: Comes with slides etc for kids

In summary, I would have scored this hotel as below:-
  1. Location: 4 out of 5 stars: It is really near to Dataran Pahlawan and other tourist locations. You can even walk if you want to burn your calories. It's only around 5 km. 
  2. Room: 3 out of 5 stars: Everything is good except for the balcony which is not safe for kids. Beds are comfy and toilets are clean. 
  3. Facilities: 4 out of 5 stars. Kids pools are the main attraction. You also have karaoke room, gym and many others. 
  4. Foods: 3 out of 5 stars. So-so

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Hotel Review: Grand Lexis, Port Dickson, Malaysia

Well, this was supposed to be posted last year and not this year....That was 2015..Due to my busy schedule etc, even this blog seems to be haunted. 

We went for a short family trip as usual to the nearest destination, our old favorite Port Dickson. This time around, we've decided to try the famous and expensive resort which is the Grand Lexis. My wife paid for it, so off we go....

Beloved wifey booked the Deluxe Pool Villa over the sea..Cost is around RM700++ per night inclusive of breakfast for 2 and newspaper and free golf car ride (what do they call it again?)...The spec of the room can be viewed here.

We were like the family from the village when we arrived at the room. Kids jumping around while the father were snapping pictures here and there. It was spacious and really suits our family of 5. The private pool is the main attraction for this luxury Grand Lexis.

Rating this resort:-

i. Location: 4/5 star. Quite near to the town where you can get foods or other supplies. There is a mamak restaurant 500m away and also few small sundries shop nearby. 
ii. Facilities: 4.5/5 star. It has a fantastic facilities. Just name it and they have it. Kids will definitely enjoy it, however you just need to prepare the ringgits ready
iii. Services: The bell boy and the receptionist were quite ok. You can't just compare to other 5 stars hotel. So, I will just give them 3/5 star.
iv. Food: Their breakfast was quite normal. Food is tasty but missing the ummmpphhh factor. Additional pax is charged at RM22. Rate 4/5 star 

Anyway, let the pictures tell the 2.6 billion stories.   

This is what we call as a sink which comes with a faucet

4ft height private pool

Shower under the sky

Lets jump!!

The Frog

Very basic pantry'kitchen

Microwave and tea/coffee

2 huge KING beds 

The whole view of the pool

Its just the art

Shower room

A 1ft x 1ft glass

All in all, this resort suits any family who wishes to have private gateaway during the weekends. As it is very expensive, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you stay in the room. If you are hungry, you can just call Dmino's pizza, they can even send it to your room. 

My next review will be on the same hotel but different room type....

Monday, March 23, 2015

International Business - Red Bull Case Study

Colleagues and Friends of MBA UUM Cohort 8,

Kindly view the presentation slides here. You may also want to download the copy of the presentation slide via the website.

Monday, December 22, 2014

Hotel Review - Equatorial Hotel, Malacca

This was a free trip. The accommodation was paid by the my wife's employer. Marvellous! Tax payer's money of course...

Let us start with some brief explanation on the room which we've got. It was a Premier Room which comes with a King size bed and a day-bed. Apparently, this day-bed could fit an adult quite nicely which means that this room is able to accommodate 3 adults + 1 kid.

The normal 32inch led tv. Hardly seen any CRT tvs anymore nowadays. You also can see the work table at the end comes with a comfy office chair. 

Normal 4-star hotel toilet. Toiletries provided such as the tooth brush, shampoo, soap etc. 
Hot and Cold water not to forget. 
The so-called day bed. Can see clearly it fits a 1-year old baby!
Tea & coffee facility. Basic of course. Hoping to see a hotel which provides in-room coffee machine. Dolce-Gusto perhaps?
Comfy King size bed
Swimming Pools for adults and kids. Quite a decent one actually.

Equatorial Malacca. a strategically located hotel near to the world famous A Famosa. besides, you have the St Paul's church, museums, river cruise and not to forget the Menara Taming Sari. All of these are basically walking distance from the hotel. Of course, provided that you would want to walk in the under the hot sun. Otherwise, you might be lucky if you are able to rent a local trishaw which might cost you around MYR30-50 if you wish to go to the A Famosa. 

Based on the location, I would highly recommend this hotel. Extremely strategic. However, should you prefer a place where it is less hectic, you might as well choose the Best Western Hotel which has been reviewed by me here

Lets discuss about the food. 

We had this so-called barbeque night. Expectation was they are going to grill those chickens, shrimp etc on the spot. But I was wrong. It was grilled and served cold. That was fine as long as I can see the shrimp, chickens etc grilled. How happy was I to see lamb grill was also served. Took 2 pieces and with some barbecue sauce, hoping to taste one of the best lamb grill (cook by a hotel chef, what do you expect!), but I was wrong. It was tasteless. I guess that the lamb was not fresh enough. Still maintained the positive mindset, tried the shrimp, and again was frustrated. It was not fresh at all! You will be able to know if the shrimp is not fresh when it's hard for you to peel the skin off and the legs are black. 

Luckily I had quite a heavy early dinner before that. 

The desserts was not that lovely as well. Some local delicacies with additional cakes. 

Breakfast? Was quite good. Simple ones with scramble eggs, sausages, noodles etc. Though at 1st I was quite piss off as there were not enough tables to cater for early people like us. But what can I's free food anyway. 

Let us now look at the cleanliness of the hotel. Being a typical Malacca hotel, it is clean as expected. Bed linens were fresh and clean with no bugs. However, I just can't accept when the cleaning lady happily blocked the walkway eventhough realizing that we are trying to pass through. 

So, there you go. a short review of the hotel. With a price of around USD100, I guess it's worth to stay here.